3-4-16: Live Music | Long Live the Goat, Thunderclap, Orbiter, Young Hookers, & DFLKTR

• Mar 4, 2016 •

Long Live the Goat | Thunderclap | Orbiter | Young Hookers | DFLKTR

Music 3-4-16 posterLong Live the Goat (from Chicago) gathered a slew of friends for a Friday throw down at Loosey’s! Local heavyweights Thunderclap and Orbiter will be joined by re-emerging high energy quartet Young Hookers and DFLKTR from Ocala!

Pro-tip: Bring your ear plugs!

Loosey’s loves live music! And we know you do, too. And we love American craft beer, good food, and hanging out with friends. Which is what Loosey’s is all about. Come on downtown!

Doors @ 9:00PM
Cover $5

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About Long Live the Goat

Band, Long Live the Goat

Chicago, IL
“A long time ago in a galaxy far far away lived a couple of dudes.” They’re fun. They’re weird. You’re a little bit dark around the edges. But they like to play music and show you a good time.
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About Thunderclap

Band, Thunderclap

Gainesville, FL
“Heavy Metal Rock-n-Roll Southern Sludge Doom Boogie-Woogie Bad Time Jams.” Yeah, you want a piece of that, don’t you? If you know what that is, you know you’re going to want to bring your ear plugs. And if you don’t know what that is, well… bring ear plugs. Because it’s going to get weird. And loud.
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About Orbiter

Band, Orbiter

Gainesville, FL
These locals have probably crossed your path before at some point already. They listen to old school metal from before metal was a thing, so they serve up a classic sound with the usual amount of stage glamour and f-bombs.
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About The Young Hookers

Band, Young Hookers

Gainesville, FL
“An experimental swag-rock outfit forever situated on the cusp of putting out new music, and the abyss.” Basically they like to play music, and they like to hang out and drink a few, so they play a lot, and talk about recording some of that stuff one day.
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Ocala, FL
“a nightmare you can’t shake.” Minimalists, too.
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