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Victory does it again, bringing new life to an old tradition. This pilsner offers the classic rich flavors, with a little more citrusy hops to brighten up the malt body. It has a crisp mouth feel, with notes of grains and grass, and a dry, bitter finish. As pils go, this one gives you more hops that your average – almost like an Imperial Pilsner would be.

Pilsners are a type of lager originally brewed in Bohemia. Transporting this old-world style of beer to the US has only brought it a wider popularity. A pils can usually bridge the gap for the new aficionado who isn’t experienced with overtly hoppy styles. It has the richness of flavors in a heavier, hoppier beer, without overwhelming the palate with the strongest qualities.

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From Victory’s site:
Prima Pils
“Prima! It’s a German exclamation of joy. It’s a recognition of accomplishment. It’s what escaped from our lips the first time we sampled this mighty pilsner recipe. With heaps of whole flower European hops and fine German malts, we achieved the bracing herbal bite and smooth malt flavor that we sought. Prima… an exclamation of Victory! Prost!”
• European BeerStar Competition, Silver Medal – 2007, Pilsner
• Great American Beer Festival, Silver Medal – 2007, German Style Pilsner
• US Beer Tasting Championship, Grand Champion Pilsner, 2002-2005
ABV: 5.3%

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