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Perrin Brewing Co., Grapefruit IPA

Perrin Brewery, Grapefruit IPA, canNot all citrus IPAs are made equal, and some just don’t make the cut. But Perrin’s Grapefruit IPA is a great summer beer with just the right notes of citrus hops and grapefruit peel.

A little sour, a little sweet, a bit of a bitter finish, and it goes down well. It’s not a powerful IPA, mellowed with a fuller malt body. Easy on the summer palate.

On Tap at Loosey’s

From Perrin Brewing Co.’s site:
Grapefruit IPA
“Thirst quenching Grapefruit IPA has become Michigan’s warm weather requisite for a balanced and refreshing craft beer. With aromas of citrus and tropical fruits, a delicate Grapefruit tartness and a sweet malty backbone ending in a clean finish; This IPA is the first of its kind cheers to short sleeves and long days.”
ABV: 5%

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