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Highland Brewing, Gaelic Ale, Bottle & Glass.This beautifully balanced American amber ale is a lovely brew for a hot afternoon or a sultry evening of drinking with friends. It is mildly hopped and rich in subtle flavors, but doesn’t overwhelm your palate with intensity. It pairs well with many food styles, and because of its malt and honey forward notes and its slightly bitter finish, it can be a long-sipping beer if you want to take your time.

Highland Brewing in North Carolina has become a cornerstone of the Eastcoast craft beer movement. They produce rock solid beers that consistently hit their mark, as well as some beloved seasonals and special brews.

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From Highland Brewing Co.’s site:
Gaelic Ale
“A deep amber-colored American ale, featuring a rich malty body. Cascade and Willamette hops add a complex hop flavor and aroma. This ale is exceptionally balanced between malty sweetness and delicate hop bitterness. It has a universal appeal and is our workhorse, accounting for about half of our total production.
“This was our first beer and was originally named Celtic Ale in honor of the Scots and Irish who originally settled the Appalachian region. We had to change the name – unbeknownst to us, Bert Grant Brewery had trademarked “Celtic Ale.” The term “Gaelic” more commonly refers to the language of the Celtic peoples in Scotland and Ireland and particularly to the Scottish Highlanders. The dark amber color is similar to a Scottish Ale but the flavor and body is more in the style of American Amber.”
ABV: 5.5%

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