Bold City Brewery | Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale, Can

Beer, Dukes Brown Nose, On Draft

Brown ale tends to be a mellow, sweet variety in the ale family, but American hops make for a drier brew with surprising citrus notes. Duke’s Cold Nose is full of malt, caramel, chocolate, and brown sugar flavors, but has a fruit finish that is often described as apple or fig.

This Jacksonville, FL, brewery produces a consistent line of traditional beer practically in our back yard. What once was a hobby swiftly became a passionate family business. Instead of day-tripping to Jax though, you can always come by Loosey’s for a taste of the good brew.

Available at Loosey’s

From Bold City’s site:
Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale
“A mild brown ale named after Duke, the owner’s late, beloved boxer. This local favorite has hints of chocolate and caramel with a smooth nutty finish. A well-balanced, flavorful brown ale that’s perfect for any time of year.”
ABV: 6%

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