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Beer of the Month - Ancient City Orange Amber Ale
We specialize in a variety of awesome American craft beer, so our tap selection is always rotating. This list is as up to date as we can get it, but it may not be up to the moment. We may have changed out a tap in the last 24 hours. But come on down and see what we have.

If you’re not sure what you want, our educated staff can help you pick out something tasty. And when in doubt, ask for a sample. We stand behind our beer selection, and hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


3PM-7PM Mon-Sat / all day Sunday
$1.00 off all FLORIDA brews on TAP*
$2.75 Macro pints

Beer of the Month: $4/pint

Orange Amber Ale (Pale Ale) | 5.3% ABV
Ancient City Brewing, FL


$4 Pints of our entire lineup of Craft Beer* (that’s 20 taps!!)
*some exclusions may apply


$4 Pints of anything brewed locally:
– Swamp Head Brewery
– First Magnitude Brewing Company



  • 1901 Red Ale (American Strong Ale)  | 7.5% ABV
    Bold City Brewery, FL
  • Aunt Sally (Sour Mash Ale) *10 oz pour | 5.7% ABV
    Lagunitas Brewing Co., CA
  • Shiner Cold Brew (Coffee Ale) “B-Day Beer 108” *limited release* | 5% ABV
    Spoetzl Brewery, TX
  • Wild Night (Honey Cream Ale) | 5.9% ABV
    Swamp Head Brewery, FL
  • Vega (Blonde Ale) | 4.9% ABV
    First Magnitude Brewing, FL
  • Drift English Mild (Dark Mild Ale) | 4.8% ABV
    First Magnitude Brewing, FL

Wheats, Wits & Hefeweizens

  • Priscilla White Wit Wheat (Witbier) 5.2% ABV
    Cigar City Brewing, FL
  • Hell or High Watermelon (Watermelon Wheat) | 4.9% ABV
    21st Amendment Brewery, CA

Stouts & Porters


  • Big Swell (IPA) | 6.8% ABV
    Maui Brewing Co, HI
  • Big Nose (IPA)| 7.5% ABV
    Swamp Head Brewery, FL
  • Neon (White IPA) *limited release* | 7.5% ABV
    M.I.A. Beer Co., FL
  • Sweetwater 420 (Extra Pale Ale)  | 5.4% ABV
    Sweetwater Brewing Co, GA
  • Category 3 IPA (IPA) *limited release* | 6.1% ABV
    Due South Brewing Co, FL

Lagers, Pilsners & Bocks

  • Prima Pils (German Pilsner) | 5.3% ABV
    Victory Brewing Co, PA
  • Purple Haze (Lager w/ raspberries) | 4.2% ABV
    Abita Brewing Co, LA
  • Fresh as Helles (Helles Lager) *limited release* | 5.4% ABV
    Sam Adams/Boston Beer Co, MA

Ciders & Such

  • Angry Orchard Crisp Apple (Hard Cider) | 5.0% ABV
    Vermont Hard Cider Co., VT


Bud Light
Miller Light

*some seasonal or limited release Florida beers not included.