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Beer on Tap

20 Rotating Taps
featuring local & regional breweries and some macrobrews

Beer of the Month
$4 pints | We switch it up every month!

Signature Drinks

Florida Mule | Fish Hawk Blueberry vodka, Smirnoff Citrus, grapefruit juice, key lime juice, orange bitters, ginger beer, blueberries

Strawberry Lemonade | Tito’s vodka, lemon juice, strawberries, lemon

Mermaid on the Rocks | New Amsterdam gin, cucumber, St. Germain, basil, lemon

Plata Margarita | Sauza Hornitos tequila, Gran Marnier, lime, agave nectar

Blueberry Smash | Bacardi rum, sugar, lemon juice, ginger beer, lemon

Old Fashioned | Bulleit bourbon, Angostura & orange bitters, sugar, brandied cherry

Kentucky Buck | Evan Williams Black Label bourbon, lemon juice, Angostura bitters, ginger beer

Fine Wine

Nicky Hahn Pinot Noir
Portillo Malbec
Sawbuck Cabernet Sauvignon

Firestone Sauvignon Blanc
The Birdman Pinot Grigio
Bonterra Chardonnay

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

  • Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite & Ginger Ale
  • Coffee/hot tea
  • Red Bull
  • Abita Rootbeer
  • Quart of sweet or unsweet iced tea

But why American craft beer?

What is craft beer? Basically most beer used to come from overseas, but about 20 years ago there was a huge boom of micro-breweries. It shook up the American beer industry and brought some mighty fine beer craftsmen to the forefront of the beer-making world. A lot of the craft beers you have grown familiar with are small batch and/or seasonal brews, from small breweries around the country.

The bonuses of drinking craft beer are that you’re supporting smaller businesses and beer-artists, and you’re drinking better beer made from quality ingredients. You go far beyond the ‘tastes great, less filling’ experience–you get to really taste the origins of the beer, the aging styles, and the personality of the brewmasters in every glass.