Chef’s Specials, March 10-12, 2017

Weekend Specials for 3/10/17 to 3/12/17

=Soup of the Day=
Hungarian Mushroom Soup (bowl) => $8
*not vegetarian

Simple Skewer Snack
with prosciutto, red grapes & arugula => $6

Chicken Florentine
pappardelle pasta with chicken, spinach & mushrooms in a rich cream sauce => $13

Chef’s Specials, Feb 24-26, 2017

Weekend Specials for 2/24/17 to 2/26/17

=Soup of the Day=
vegan butternut squash (bowl) => $8

Aunt Connie Says Hush
three loaded hush puppies with bacon, jalapeno & cheddar cheese => $6

Pork Chop Dinner
southern fried pork chops with house-made applesauce & a side of polenta => $13

Chef’s Specials, Feb 17-19, 2017

Weekend Specials for 2/17/17 to 2/19/17

=Soup of the Day=
spicy Mexican chili with oxtail, potato & corn => $8

Pork Flatbread
with havarti, arugula, apple, & honey sriracha => $10

Eggplant Parm Melt
sliced fried eggplant, house marinara, mozzarella & parmesan, on a toasted hoagie roll => $9

Chef’s Specials, Feb 10-12, 2017

Weekend Specials for 2/10/17 to 2/12/17

=Soup of the Day=
vegetarian roasted tomato soup with grilled cheese (American or cheddar) => $9

Jalapeno Bidness
(4) jalapeno poppers stuffed with cream cheese, bacon, cheddar, jack & hot sauce => $8

Chicken Piccata
flour-dredged chicken cutlet, sauteed & topped with a white wine, lemon & caper sauce, served with roasted zucchini => $13

Chef’s Specials, Feb 3-5, 2017

Weekend Specials for 2/3/17 to 2/5/17

=Soup of the Day=
vegetarian fennel zucchini soup with warm tomato relish => $6

Bel Air Flatbread
with shaved ribeye, smoked gouda, mushroom, arugula, caramelized onion & house vinaigrette => $10

Mediterranean Chicken
boneless skinless chicken breast with roasted red peppers, sundried tomatoes & olives in a white wine & butter sauce over pappardelle pasta, served with bread => $13

Chef’s Specials, Jan 27-29, 2017

Weekend Specials for 1/27/17 to 1/29/17

=Soup of the Day=
Avgolemono (bowl) => $6
Greek lemon, chicken & rice soup

Zucchini Dippers
parmesan & panko fried zucchini sticks with lemon chive yoghurt dipping sauce => $8

Beef Stroganoff
beef tenderloin in a creamy mushroom sauce over pappardelle pasta => $13

Chef’s Specials, Jan 20-22, 2017

Weekend Specials for 1/20/17 to 1/22/17

=Soup of the Day=
Creamy Tomato Bisque => $6

Arancini Appetizer
crispy fried rice balls with melted mozzarella centers => $8

Chicken Cordon Bleu
served with a side of mashers => $12

Chef’s Specials, Jan 13-15, 2017

Deviled Eggs Special

Weekend Specials for 1/13/17 to 1/15/17


=Soup of the Day=
Japanese Steakhouse-style Green Onion & Mushroom Soup => $6
*not vegetarian

=Robert Johnson’s Deviled Eggs=
smokey, southern-style deviled egg appetizer => $6

=Ca C’est Bon!=
cajun crawfish etouffee over rice => $13

This Week in Beer: The Brewery Party

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Labor Day Weekend is behind us!  (insert jaw dropped cat emoji here) And as we *hopefully* move into fall and cooler days, Loosey’s is going to be ramping up on special events.  Please stay tuned for lots of Fundraising, Festing, and general Rocking and Rolling in one way or another.  It’s going to be a VERY exciting fall!

This week we have TWO brewery parties.

So – what is a Brewery Party?  It’s pretty simple actually –  a brewery comes to us and says, “Hey Loosey’s, we appreciate your business and we  want to reward your customers for drinking our beer.”  And then we say, “That’s awesome, let’s do it!”  And that, rather less than exciting exchange (ha) is how a ‘Brewery Party’ is born.

So what do we have planned this week?  Let’s get to it.


Brewery Party #1  – Wednesday 9/7, 7p-9p (during Burger Night) – Founder’s Brewing Co. (Grand Rapids, MI)

Featured Brews: 

*ReDANKulous Imperial Red – A big, bold 9.5% Imperial Red IPA.  We’ll be doing 10oz pours! Hop Heads will love this beer.. and it’s in the specialty category so we can’t get this all the time, try it while you can!
*Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale – A well balanced, high alcohol (8.5%) Ale that isn’t for the faint of heart.  This beer has some ass behind it, but it’s completely worth it. and we love this beer!
*Mosaic Promise Smash IPA – It gets its name from two simple ingredients: Mosaic hops and Golden Promise malt. Sometimes less is more…

So the deal is you buy a pint (or 10oz pour) and the brewery will award you handsomely with a pint glass or other amazing free piece of (swag) merchandise.  Now doesn’t that sound like a great deal?  I thought so.

Founders Website

founders beer


Brewery Party #2 – Friday 9/9, 8p-10p – Magic Hat Brewing Company (South Burlington, VT)

Featured Brew:

MMagic Hat Jack Blackagic Hat #9 – it’s fruity, it’s delicious, it’s approachable.  It’s the perfect craft “gateway” beer for people who might not like IPAs or other styles that can tend to be very strong and bitter.  But really, it’s great for sipping on the Loosey’s porch… and Jack Black likes it (see picture) and he seems like a guy that likes to drink beer.  So… trust Jack Black (and me) and drink #9!  Bonus points if you do it on the Loosey’s porch!

It’s also the 9th month on the 9th day AND it’s the Beer of the Month, so we thought it was a swell day to get you guys some glassware to take home.  Same deal as before, buy a pint (for only $3.50) and the brewery reps will be here to give up the goods (until they are gone, of course, then you’re out of luck).

Magic Hat Website 


*Supplies are not unlimited, get here on time.

Comment or email us if you have any questions.. Otherwise, see you there!


Brace Yourself, A Long Weekend is Coming

Before you say ‘See ya later, summer!’ and start drinking pumpkin spice lattes, go out with a bang and hang out with us this weekend.  There’s sure to be at least one reason to make your way downtown and directly into Loosey’s.  Check out all the awesome happenings below!

(Writer’s Note: This is a long post, but it’s cool! – I promise they won’t all be this long, we just really have that much going on this weekend and it’s really exciting! There’s even a sweet tip you might be interested in if you’re planning on going to any football games this year. Plus my bubbling excitement… what’s not to love?)

Thursday: Open Mic Night

Open Mic ThursdayIt’s both the 1st of the month AND the first Thursday of the month, so of course we are kicking off our Labor Day festivities with a little Open Mic Night.  If the weather man is right, it’ll be a Hurricane Party (ok fine. “Tropical Depression”) too.  And you know everyone loves a hurricane tropical depression party.  

Friday: Free Rock Show

Show 9-2-16 poster tnIt’s the night before the first home game which if you don’t already know, is a night game.  This is important because now we can all acknowledge there is no reason for you to stay home Friday night. I don’t want to hear any excuses.  You’re coming out.  And you’re coming downtown.  I know this because Midtown is going to be.. well, all “midtowny”.  Avoid the sloppy, over served crowds and head downtown for an adults night out – we have a rock show at Loosey’s.  And it’s free!

The other bands are awesome too, but the Honorable Mention goes to Wolf Face. I’ve seen them at FEST and loved the set, but this is the first time they’ll be playing at Loosey’s (woo!) so please come out and show them some local love!  They are such a FUN band!  I repeat, it’s FREE!

Saturday: – Football & Karaoke

Football Saturdays tnAre you ready for some GATOR FOOTBALL!!!!!!  It’s been a long year and we’ve earned this!! And if you bleed orange and blue like I do, it doesn’t matter if you have tickets or not, you’re going to be watching the game somewhere… Funny, I know just the place (ha).

*Last minute edit:  Could this game be rained out? Let’s hope not!!

Pro tip:  If you got tickets, there’s a Gator Aider stop in Lot 10 directly across the street from us.

Grab a pint and some grub while you wait for the bus to fill up (and take advantage of all the street parking that is available on Saturdays)… Take the bus back downtown after the game and fill up on burgers and karaoke.

I’ve done this many times and it works out great.  We’ve even taken the bus down to the stadium and then walked back after the game – hitting a couple bars along the way (i.e. Gator City *RIP* and Mothers) – and it was pretty fun to get swept up along with the crowd. But it is a CROWD, so hop on the bus if you’d feel more comfortable avoiding all that and it’ll bring you right back to our front door.

Karaoke 7-23-16 tnOn the other hand, if you prefer AC and cold beer with your football, we have all that–as well as great food & service!

Following the game, DJ Wolfton will get the karaoke going and trust me, that’s always entertaining 😉

Sunday: Less Than Jake (AM) & John Moreland (PM)

Show 9-4-16 LTJ face tnIf you’re still with me, thanks for hanging in there, this section of the post is worth it, I promise!  Sunday Funday is taking on a whole new and awesome meaning this Sunday!

Quick question, do you like acoustic shows? I do.  They’re mellow and not too rough on the ears and I really enjoy them.

How about two to choose from (or if you’re like me, you’ll be at both) on the SAME DAY?

The first show:  First off, it’s so exciting to be able to say that we are hosting this… Gainesville natives Less Than Jake Wake & Bake Weekend Acoustic Brunch.  Yep.  Less Than Jake.  Acoustic.  Brunch.  All very fun words for a Sunday.

Vance is cooking up some yum specials like he always does and we also have a few interesting drink specials in the works.  Don’t miss this show, doors are at 11, the guys are going to play around 12:30 and we’ll be wrapping it up by 4pm.

Show 9-4-16 poster tnThe second show –  John Moreland with Aaron Lee Tasjan, Lance Howell, and Matt Burke is  also a huge deal for us.  It’s going to be an ass ton of talent in the same room at the same time.  Doors are at 7pm and all these guys are going to be worth seeing, trust me on this one!   Click through for all their social media links, try out some of the music, get goosebumps, buy a ticket, come to the show on Sunday, and then you can thank me later.

Pro-tip: Sunday is Happy Hour. All Day Long. Plus $1 PBR Tallboys. 

Monday: Labor Day Lunch, Cheap Beer, & Trivia

For actual Labor Day, the day most businesses are having an annual workers’ holiday, we’re still open and doing are usual cool Monday things. For you!  So you don’t have to suffer your hangover alone. But don’t feel bad for us.  We all get Thunderdome Day off and you ask any of us, Thunderdome Day is awesome and makes working other holidays totally worth it.

The open sign clicks on at 11am, we have $3.50 pints and yummy food, and then we get the brain games going at 7:30pm.  Don’t get it twisted, this is NOT easy trivia, you need a pretty  strong, well balanced team to survive!  And if you manage to win, free drinks and food will start raining from the sky.  Just kidding, you could win gift cards though AND you win the thrill of winning.  Which is really what it’s all about.

So that’s it – that’s our long Labor Day weekend!  Excited?  Why wouldn’t you be?